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Red Dead Redemption PS3

2010-05-10 13:33:26 by Diablo14

I am very excited about red dead redemption coming out but the problem is that all my mates r not getting it and so i am asking anyone who actually cares about the game or has a ps3 to respond to sed message and either give me ur psn name or add mine Cannon-Crotch or Cannon Crotch or Cannon crotch and before u post or message, no im not a pedo!


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2010-05-14 12:11:23

hahaha nice im excited about that too unfourtunately im gettin it on xbox have u play red dead reveolver?

Diablo14 responds:

Yeah, its okay for that era but red dead is gonna kick revolvers ass!


2010-05-17 18:48:29

i don't have PS3 but xbox360 rocks also
RDR is out

Diablo14 responds: