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Newgrounds/Ps3 owners...LISTEN!!!

2010-05-18 13:39:23 by Diablo14

I have been waitn 4 red dead redemption to cum out and in that time i have been trying to organise some sort of clan/posse/ group of friends specifically to play this wit... but i noticed the only people who even bothered to look at it were people who werent on ps3 or didnt even care, yet i put bday and i get more people say hello about that than red dead.
Now i know it sounds stupid rambling on about how my games are more important than birth or that my posts never get herd but the irony is that probably 1 person with enough intrigue will comment on this, i will comment back on all and i am looking forps3 owners who will get red dead redemption and would be willing to play with me and mates.............Thank you.

Newgrounds/Ps3 owners...LISTEN!!!


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2010-11-06 12:12:49

lol good post but you gotta check out this site that gives you FREE Xbox Live and PSN points before Microsoft or Sony shut it down! its called and ive been using it for awhile its great, especially with Black Ops on the way :P